Call for Abstracts

Virtual SVM 2021 Scientific Sessions (September 09 - 11, 2021)

Steps and Instructions:

  1. Title

    1. Enter your Title, adhering to the following guidelines:
      1. Abstract titles will be in all CAPS. The system will automatically convert all letters to caps after you click the "Save and Continue" button.
      2. Do not bold, italicize, underline, superscript or subscript any items in the title.
      3. Do not include authors in the title. If you enter authors in the title, they will be removed.
      4. Do not include institutions in the title. If you enter institutions in the title, they will be removed.
      5. Do not use the "Enter" button in your title. This action will add hard returns, which are not allowed.
      6. Do not use abbreviations unless they are commonly known.
      7. Do not end the title with a period.
      8. If the title contains more than one statement, use only one space after a period or colon.
      9. Do not use a comma before "and" in a series.
      10. Use a comma for number 1,000 and above.
      11. Substitute a colon for a dash/hyphen except when using prefixes.
      12. Do not use quotation marks in a title.
      13. Hyphenate the first prefix word when there is more than one prefix word used such as Non- Anti...
    2. Enter your email address in the Submitter's Email field. You will receive an initiation email with a link back to your submission once you click "Save" at the bottom of this title step.
    3. SCIENCE SUBMISSIONS ONLY: Indicate if you'd like to be considered for the Young Investigator Award. PLEASE NOTE: You must be within 10 years of completing training to apply.
    4. Enter any comments (optional).
  2. Author

    Enter author name, affiliation, and contact information.
  3. Abstract Text

    Abstracts MUST conform to specific size limits or they will not be accepted. Your abstract may not contain more than 1,900 characters, not including spaces. A graphic, table or image equals 600 characters and is included as part of the 1,900-character limit.

    Abstract Text

    1. You may type the body of the abstract directly into the space provided for the abstract body. Upload graphics or images separately.
    2. You may use five unique abbreviations in the body of the abstract. Spell out the complete phrase followed by the abbreviation in parentheses the first time the abbreviation is used.
    3. Do not include the title in the abstract body.
    4. Do not include authors and institutions in the abstract body.
    5. The abstract must be presented in the following sequence, using the headings listed:
      • Background: In an initial paragraph, provide relevant information regarding the background and purpose of the study, preferably in no more than one or two sentences.
      • Methods: Briefly state the methods used.
      • Results: Summarize the results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions.
      • Conclusion: State the conclusions reached. It is not satisfactory to state "the results will be discussed."
    6. Please proofread carefully for factual, spelling, and size errors. If accepted, the abstract will be published exactly as it appears on the online submission system configuration page.


    1. You can upload an image of a table as part of your submission.
    2. Create a table in your word processor and save it as an image to upload by using the "Add an Image" button below.
    3. A table equals 600 characters and is included as part of the 1,900-character limit. If you include a table, your text can be no more than 1,300 characters.
  4. Confirmation

    You will have a chance to look over the submission to make sure all is complete.
  5. Technical Support

    For help in submitting an abstract online, Contact technical support.

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